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My Superpower

Create a happier, more meaningful life with your Superhero Side Hustle

If you ask people what they want out of life, the answer will mostly be: “I just want to be happy”.

The problem is no one really knows how to get there.

Spend a minute exploring this stuff and you’ll find plenty of warnings about money not being the answer. I think deep down we all kind of sense this is true, but if money alone doesn’t hold the key, what does?

Many experts instead talk a lot about things such as passion and purpose, which all sounds great, but is too vague and never comes with an action plan – you know, the part where we can turn it into real life. I mean, most of us can list a heap of different things that could be called our “passion”. If we pick one of those then what? How can we use it to change our lives?

Where do we even start trying to come up with a purpose? It could be ANYTHING!

With too many questions and dead ends at every turn, we tend to sit there and do nothing. We love the idea of finding lasting happiness, but it’s all too hard. With no clear way forward, we put it back on the to-do list for another day and try to ignore that nagging voice inside telling us there must be more to life than this.

Why do we feel this way?

For those stuck in that vicious cycle of wanting more but feeling trapped, a major contributor is a part of our lives we tend to underestimate when it comes to finding happiness – our work.

Yes, yes I know…there’s been tons written about work/life balance and the idea of combining it with a hobby so we can love what we do. We’ve all read those as well.

The problem is these are just band aids that don’t address the root cause of why we’re feeling unhappy in the first place. In fact, working less, playing more, or taking on any old side project will only magnify your troubles unless you truly understand what’s really going on.  

And, for many of us, this is it:

We’re tired of working long, hard days in jobs that we don’t enjoy or aren’t naturally good at.

We’re unhappy because we spend most of waking lives chained to a job most of us fell into by accident. To make matters worse, the older we get the more we see family, friends, colleagues, and even ourselves, begin to slow down or burn out. We can’t help but wonder, “What’s the point of it all?”

We put in all those long hours and have very little to show for it. It feels like we’re not actually getting ahead, going anywhere, or achieving anything.

As frustration builds, so does the fear of what lies ahead. What happens if we don’t figure this out? What if this is as good as it gets? Are we destined to spend the rest of our lives working our fingers to the bone just to pay the bills?

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.

Steve Jobs - Apple Co-founder

Does this sound familiar?

Do these thoughts and emotions constantly tumble around in the background of your life as well? If so, the chances are you’re probably searching for the same thing: a real-life action plan the experts in those thick books don’t seem to have.

A solution that would help you escape the rut and feel excited about life again.

A solution that would allow you to do the type of work you’re actually good at and achieve greater success in whatever way you define it – whether that was more money, more time, more respect, more impact, or even just less stress.

Best of all, a solution that would help you make sense of who you are and the value you can share with the world to make yourself and others happier.

The happiness mistake we all make

When it comes to the question of our working lives and happiness in general, we all seem to make the same mistake by looking outside for the answer; like we need to become something else in order to make something of ourselves. Those self-help books love to push us to “break the comfort zone” and “reframe our programming” to change who we are for the better.

Besides the subtle yet damaging suggestion we’re not already enough, these strategies rarely work because they take an unsustainable amount of commitment and energy to wage a war on who we really are, leaving us tired, stressed and confused.

The fact is, no matter how hard we try and how much effort we put in, we eventually gravitate back to doing what we do and have always done. It’s just the way we work.

A true story

Consider the story of an employee in a small business who’s forced to take on a sales role simply because there’s no one else to do it. Despite the fact this person is a conservative engineer who doesn’t feel comfortable doing the chest-beating stuff, he’s urged to step up and break his comfort zone.

With glorified “sink or swim” stories ringing in his ears, he sets out to do what he never wanted to do for the sake of the company. Less than a week later though, something’s wrong. He’s exhausted and seems to take longer and longer to recover from every phone call.

He grits his teeth and persists for a few weeks because he doesn’t want to let the team down, hoping to push through the discomfort he’s feeling. Maybe it’ll get easier like they say? Maybe it’ll take just one good sale and he’ll start enjoying it?

Nothing changes.

While a few sales are made and he sees some minor improvement, it remains a struggle. He still feels like a fish out of water every time he picks up the phone and frazzled at the end of every call. Yes, it’s getting better, but the road ahead is long and hard.

With no energy and low morale, he starts to avoid the phone calls where possible, taking on extra work to make sure he’s too busy to answer. Weeks go by and he slowly but surely drifts back to doing the parts of his job that he was good at…where he felt he contributed in ways no one else could.

Eventually, the role fades away completely and the burden of making sales shifts back to the owner of the business who still needs help. The experiment has been a waste of time, and they realise they would’ve been much better off hiring a true salesperson in the first place. The employee feels bad because he thinks he’s failed, but relieved it’s over and he can go back to being himself once again.

I know this scenario very well because the person in that story is me.

The real answer starts with you!

That experience was my first lesson in why this happiness conundrum can’t be solved by trying to become something you’re not. It was like a huge penny had dropped and I was able to see why the traditional advice was doomed to fail.

That all happened more than a decade ago, but ever since then I’ve continued eagerly down this path. Hours and hours of podcasts, expert talks, business programs, personality tests, shows, conventions, personal mentors, and more self-help books were consumed with the goal of gaining clarity on this “aha” moment.

I wanted to see if I was onto something. Most of all, I wanted to prove it in my own life.

Through that long personal journey, this is what I’ve come to realise:

The easier path to changing your circumstances and achieving greater levels of happiness is to do the opposite of what you’ve been told and embrace who you already are instead.

To look inside and understand how you tick on a deeper level.

To appreciate all the tools, skills, strategies, values, and quirks you’ve developed to cope with the challenges life has thrown you.

Finally, to figure out the value this unique mix can offer the world.

This is what I call your Power; and the exciting part is it’s ALREADY in you!

With my help, you’ll first be able to pinpoint exactly what your Power is, and then consciously use it to get out of the rut you’re in and on your way to creating a more meaningful, happy life.

Along the way, we’ll also transform this Power of yours into a Superpower – a Superpower we can then harness to build a Superhero Side Hustle that will become the vehicle that makes all these big changes possible.

Why a side hustle?

If the way out of this malaise we all feel is finding work that connects with our unique value, why not just change jobs rather than start a side hustle?

The answer to that is all about practicality. The problem with ripping the band aid off, so to speak, and jumping into something totally different like a new job or career is twofold:

  • Such a drastic move may simply be too daunting, and the play-it-safe factor means some people may never take the all-important first step towards the promise of a happier life.

  • A totally new direction may feel like a good idea, but if you’re not 100% clear on why your current situation is making you miserable then the chances are you’ll only succeed in ending up right back where you are now – just in a different job.

The Superhero Side Hustle, on the other hand, represents the perfect tool for creating meaningful, sustainable change that isn’t too scary or reckless. It’s a calculated move that gives you the chance to dip your toes in the water without the risk of going all-in. You can keep the security of your day job for a little bit longer while you test ideas, research the market, gain business skills, and fully develop the value you offer.

The two parts of your Power

So, now that we know what the answer is and what lies ahead on your journey to happiness, let’s take a step back and look at exactly what I mean by this Power inside you. It sounds so wonderful and exciting to have one, but where is it hiding? Most importantly, where can you find yours?

On a very simple level, your Power is all about understanding two things: WHAT you do and HOW you do it.

Now, don’t worry. That may sound just like all the useless fluff I’ve dismissed from the self-help books, but I’ll very shortly explain the deeper meaning behind it all and be able to show you how they apply to you.

For now, it will help to start thinking of them this way:

  • WHAT you do - This is best explained as the overall outcome you look to achieve in every situation. It’s linked to something called your Core Emotional Driver (CED), which is a powerful emotional need hardwired into your mindset.

  • HOW you do it - In addition to the outcome you seek, you have a small list of Core Values that also need to be ticked off for you to feel happy. To get those ticks, you have a bag of tools or skills that you dip into to get the job done. Together, these form the HOW part of your Power.

All human behaviour has a reason. All behaviour is solving a problem.

Michael Crichton - Author & Filmmaker

How it will change your life

Now that’s just a quick introduction to your Power so you can see there’s more to it than cryptic guru talk. You’ll soon get the chance to dive right in and start understanding yours, however I first want to spell out how starting this process has the enormous potential to change your life.

There are many benefits to gain from finding your Power, but three big ones you will feel instantly are:

  1. Meaning – It allows you get in close touch with who you are as a person. You’ll be able to look back and make more sense of your life – the emotions you felt, the decisions you made, and the actions you took. In other words, why you are where you are right now. It’ll all start to line up as the common themes of your life become clear.

  2. Value – It allows you to finally recognise your true value. You’ll better understand what drives you and uncover the skills you’ve subconsciously perfected over a lifetime to satisfy these needs. You’ll start to see with perfect clarity what you bring to the table, so to speak.

  3. Inspiration – It allows you to start exploring where your true value is best placed and where you can have the biggest impact. Best of all, it will inspire you to leverage this value with a side hustle that actually has a chance of succeeding.

To put all that into a simple, easy-to-remember equation:

Your Power = WHAT You Do + HOW You Do It = Meaning + Value + Inspiration

If all those feelings we talked about before are plaguing you; if you’re wanting more out of life and feel time’s running out to be happy; applying this equation to your life IS the answer.

By looking inside and pinpointing exactly what it is that you do and how you do it, you can start creating a happier, more meaningful life and feel good about yourself once again.

You’ll gain a more holistic knowledge of what drives you and what gives you energy, so you won’t get stuck in situations that drain your cup rather than fill it. You’ll know what sets you apart from the rest and be able to communicate your value to do the work you want to do. Your self-esteem will soar because you’ll know for sure that you’re making a real contribution in a way others can’t.

Most of all, knowing yourself in such depth will give you unshakeable confidence because you’ll be more at ease with who you are, where you’ve come from, and where you can go from here.

More meaning, more happiness.

I genuinely believe that self-esteem is the ultimate drug in life.

Gary Vaynerchuck - Entrepreneur/Internet personality

Ready to start your Superhero journey?

Ok, so I’ve promised you there was a solution to the way you were feeling – a real-world solution that will change the way you see yourself and help you build a more meaningful, happy life with your very own Superhero Side Hustle.

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